Improve your school’s connectivity and transform learning in & out of the classroom

Secure. Engaged. Connected.

Those are the goals for today’s learning environments. However, achieving this vision can pose challenges for IT departments, including:

  • Building reliable wireless coverage across the entire campus
  • Blocking unwanted web traffic and prioritising educational apps
  • Supporting the growth of BYOD and mobile learning initiatives
  • Centralising IoT detection, behavioural analysis, and threat visibility
  • Supporting multisite networks with often lean IT team

Schools should transform their learning environments across three key areas:

Enhanced student experience

  • Provide reliable access to digital resources in and out of the classroom with always-on wireless coverage.
  • Block specific applications or put devices on single-app mode to ensure students are focused on the lesson.
  • Remotely deploy software, content, and applications to all, or to specific student devices.

Safe learning environment

  • Intercept unwanted web traffic and prioritise educational apps with content filtering and application control.
  • Ensure students’ physical safety at all times with cameras.
  • Optimise performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or privacy.

Streamlined device and network management

  • Unify management and control of multiple devices, including BYOD policies.
  • Troubleshoot network complications quickly and seamlessly.
  • Control all school-owned devices with complete visibility.

Ready to explore how Meraki can help you improve the student experience, secured connectivity, and network management at your school?


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Transforming networking across the John XXIII College Campus

"Being able to easily identify and control traffic at the edge has allowed us to free up a considerable amount of bandwidth. The difference this makes to the end user experience is phenomenal. The improved network visibility and control has freed up ICT team capacity. Our help desk tickets have reduced by over 80% in relation to connectivity issues."

Yugon Chobanoff, ICT Operations Manager, John XXIII College

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