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High-Density Wireless for High-Tech Classrooms

Deliver superior performance in high-density classrooms with Meraki access points. Easily throttle bandwidth hogs, filter content, and block unwanted traffic, with no network slow downs. Learn how you can enable teachers to spend more time teaching and students to spend more time learning with seamless access to digital resources.

Duration: 26 minutes
Presenter: David van Schravendijk, Wireless Product Marketing Manager

Scalable Switches for School Districts

Provide a seamless network experience for students and staff with access and aggregation switches that can be managed and configured from anywhere. With zero-touch provisioning, enhanced network visibility, and ground-breaking remote troubleshooting tools, scaling a Meraki network to an entire district doesn't mean scaling complexity.

Duration: 27 minutes
Presenter: Abhishek Anbazhagan, Product Marketing Specialist

Network Security & Application Assurance for Modern Learning

Secure school networks and protect student data with Meraki security appliances. With group policies, automatic firmware updates, content filtering, and intrusion prevention, build strong security systems that stop cyber criminals and keep data secure. Plus, reduce operational costs and simplify multi-school deployments without sacrificing security.

Duration: 33 mins 
Presenter: Imran Idrees, Security Product Marketing Manger