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Meraki for Manufacturing (Thai)

Cisco Meraki products help IT and operation technology (OT) departments come together and address the challenges that modern manufacturers face. A recent study by McKinsey & Company looks at how "Industry 4.0" is reinvigorating ASEAN manufacturing for the future. In our webinar, we'll look at how Cisco Meraki can help manufacturing companies get closer to adopting Industry 4.0.So, whether you’re looking to gain greater insight into activities on the factory floor, troubleshoot network issues before they impact production, or prioritize production-critical applications at geographically distributed sites, Meraki lets you manage all of your IT needs from a single dashboard and we'll show you how during this webinar.

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While Cisco Meraki on-demand webinars are open to all audiences, qualified IT professionals can be eligible to receive a free Meraki access point. Non-qualified viewers include: Cisco employees, partners, resellers, IT consultants, managed service providers, U.S. K-12 schools, U.S. public libraries, and any foreign officials. If you do not qualify, you can request a risk-free trial. To read our full terms and conditions, please click the button below.