IDC Infobrief: Secure SD-WAN with Advanced Analytics

As SD-WAN continues to be one of the hottest topics in networking, the last few years have seen multiple vendors emerge as well as vendor consolidation through acquisitions. With such an abundance of choice, it can be challenging to know what capabilities and functionality to prioritize that will deliver the biggest impact for your organization.

Derived from multiple recent sources of IDC primary research comprising thousands of enterprises across multiple regions and several industries, this InfoBrief reveals the top 3 IDC recommendations for leveraging the next-gen of SD-WAN to optimize SaaS and cloud-based applications. Additional topics covered include:

  • The rise of SD-WAN through the mainstream adoption of cloud services
  • Top WAN challenges
  • The most popular SD-WAN use cases
  • The most important SD-WAN attributes
  • The expected cost savings from SD-WAN
  • The most popular SD-WAN deployment method
  • The importance of security
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