• Nov 11, 2020 | 10 am PST
  • 60 MIN

Protect your critical infrastructure with Meraki IoT

Your network infrastructure is critical to your business — protect it with Meraki IoT. Monitor for environmental concerns like high temperatures, water leaks, unauthorized access, power surges, and more. Decrease unplanned downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and improve sustainability with real time alerts and insights. Meraki helps make your organization safer and smarter.

Start a Meraki product evaluation today. There’s no charge to start. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, and we have a dedicated support team ready to help you every step of the way. Please enter your information and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Cisco is not responsible for the decision to participate in an evaluation of its products, including compliance with any restrictions to which you may be subject.
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Bob Marley
Technical director, Marine Layer
Bob Marley
Technical director, Marine Layer